AutoMini Digital

Mini loop amplifier

The AutoMini Digital stands out as a reliable hearing loop amplifier, boasting a track record of over 30,000 units crafted for various mini loop setups, including TV systems, reception desks, cars, elevators, and other types of audiovisual installations.

This amplifier effectively generates a loop area covering approximately up to 1 square meter (equivalent to 11 square feet). It offers versatility, accommodating either the included chair loop or an optional separate loop cable (not provided).

Adjustable field strength (volume) and latence (0-35 ms) .

Audio input connections
Digital optical 3.5 mm mini-toslink (cable included)
Digital coaxial 3.5 mm
Analogue 3.5 mm
Analogue SCART

Included in box:
AutoMini loop amplifier
Power adapter (EU)
Chair loop
Optical cable (Toslink-Minitoslink)
Audio cable (3.5 mm - 3.5 mm)
Audio cable (red and white phono - 3.5 mm)

Only EU power adapter at the moment when low volume purches (below 100 units).

Technical Data

Analog input: >50mV
Digital input: PCM uncompressed audio over S/PDIF Output load: 4 Ohm Power output: 10 W at 4 Ohm
Transient state time: 50 ms
Decay time: 35 s
Frequency range: 80 Hz - 8 kHz, -3 dB rel. 1 kHz Distortion: <1% Signal/noise ratio: >40dB A-weighted Delay of sound: Off and 50-180 ms
Dimensions: 145 x 70 x 30 mm (with attachment approx. 38 mm)
Weight: 150 g (without mains adapter)

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