Loop Listener

Fullfillment of IEC 62489-1 in terms of portable monitor
Enable full access to public venues with hearing loop

With Companion™ Loop Listener it will be possible for everyone to benefit from the hearing loop system.Wihtout this your premises won´t be fully accessible since not everyone carries a hearing aid or cochlear implant with telecoil. Also there are other user groups such as those with concentration difficulties etc. that can also benefit from the hearing loop system.

Companion Favorit is a easy to use device with more than 200 hours of battery time, great sound quality and robust construction. It is also perfect as a portable monitoring device in accordance with IEC 62489-1 AMD1 where caretakers easy can test the hearing loop system on a frequent basis. The standard stipulates a fixed monitoring device (see product T-SIGN) and a portable device such as Companion/Favorit.

favorit w headphones
favorit w headphones
Companion (Favorit)
Companion (Favorit)
two women sitting beside table and talking
two women sitting beside table and talking

Technical Data
Max. acoustic amplification:
60 dB (can be damped with 16 dB with gain control).
Max. acoustic output level:
125 dB SPL.
Frequency range:
200 Hz – 10 kHz.
Bass reduction:
-10 dB at 200 Hz.
Telecoil sensitivity:
93 dB SPL, 1 kHz, 10 mA/m.
Power consumption:
Closed circuit current 7 mA.
Battery life:
Approx. 200 hours with headphones.
Type of battery:
2 x 1,5 V penlight (LR6/AA).
105 x 100 x 43 mm.
94 g (including batteries)

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