Improves uptime, ROI and operation of assistive listening systems

Transett T-SIGN™ (Classic, Desk and Desk Mini) is a monitor device for hearing loop systems that ensure happy customers and end users. T-SIGN has a patented method to detect, measure and analyzise the performance of the hearing loop system and display status in a way that everyone can understand.

T-SIGN is compatible with all types of hearing loop systems on the market and can be used with both large area loop systems and small area loop systems. It can also be connected to display status from FM-systems , IR-systems and Auracast systems.

  • Easy to understand loop system

  • Faciliates training on the loop system

  • Real time information to speakers and sound technicians

  • Confirms functioning system for visitors.

  • Helps troubleshooting system.

  • Faciltates reviews on Google Maps, Here you Hear, ALD Locator and IHLMA Find a Hearing Loop.

Product sheet (standard version)

Technical Data

included 2 screws with plugs
Power supply: 15 V, 1A. External power supply 110 – 230 V AC
External coil.
Power consumption:
1 W
183 x 46 x 157 (LxWxH)
354 g
Lamp type:
Frequency range:
300 Hz – 2000 Hz (rel -3 dB)
Indication (based on average signal):
No signal ( < -15 dB) : Off
Weak signal (-7 - -15 dB) : Soft pulsating green glow
Normal signal (0 - -6 dB): Steady green light
Strong signal (> 0 dB): Solid red light
DIP switches

T-SIGN brings more value to your existing hearing loops and takes your new hearing loop systems to a new level where more people can understand and interact with the system, leading to more happy clients, well trained staff and less need for unscheduled service visits..

T-SIGN blends in well into any environment and fullfill the standard requirement not to disturb. T-SIGN is perfect for any type of hearing loop in venues such as conference rooms, theatres, class rooms, houses of worship, receptions and any other location where a hearing loop is installed. It works with all brands and types of hearing loops. It can even be used together with portable loop receivers. Hearing loops should be equipped with a fixed monitor device such as
T-SIGN based on IEC 62489-1 in terms of fixed monitoring.

  • Support for mounting on walls, ceiling, desk and front desks

  • Dip switches with selectable programs for different environments

  • Automatic light adjustment

  • 5 year warranty.

  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden

There are three variants of T-SIGN:

T-SIGN (Classic): Mounted on the wall or in the ceiling

T-SIGN (Desk Mount): Mounted on a podium.

T-SIGN (Desk Mini): Used with counter loop systems (reception loops), portable loops and other applications where you need a smaller unit.


T-SIGN is both functional and stylish as well as easy to install, the kind of obvious product that makes you think 'why didn't anyone come up with this before?!.”

- Jonas Backman, Norconsult AB

T-SIGN is working exactly as intended, and both priests and deacons in the church are beginning to understand how to interpret it. It seems that even those who do not use hearing aids are more satisfied with the sound in the church now."

- Eyolf Berg, IVSS Churchear Norway

"T-SIGN provides invaluable help. I give you an example. Last week in a conference, I thought the sound began to sway on the lecturer. Thanks to being confirmed by T-SIGN, I got up and fixed the microphone on the lecturer. It turned out that it didn't quite sit as it should. T-SIGN confirms status of the hearing loop and makes everyone act faster. I spread information T-SIGN everywhere I go!"

- Susanne Nyberg, Hearing aid wearer and program manager at HRF (Hearing Organisation in Sweden

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