T-SIGN wins international innovation award


T-SIGN Winner 2022
T-SIGN Winner 2022

The intelligent loop sign T-SIGN wins the award for best hearing technology innovation in accessibility, in the international competition Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. The organizer of the competition is Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HTTM) - an organization in North America founded by experienced people in the field of hearing such as Dr. Hasford-Dunn, Judy Huch, David Kirkwood and Dr. Wayne Staab.

The company Transistor is behind the product. T-SIGN is an inexpensive way to have your hearing loop continuously checked. For a long time, people have had to accept the uncertain function of the hearing loop as it has been difficult for the owner to check it. It's great fun that HTTM, like us, sees the great benefit of everyone being able to see how well the hearing loop works, says Andreas Jonsson, CEO at Transistor.

It is a nice recognition that T-SIGN wins, says Johan Hammarström, product owner at Transistor. We have seen how this product contributes to improving accessibility because hearing technology is otherwise invisible and difficult to understand. We have seen that T-SIGN, in short, leads to more well-functioning hearing loops. Hearing aid users also benefit from T-SIGN. When I went to the cinema with my son, some time ago, I barely heard anything of the whole show. If T-SIGN had been installed, I would have understood that there was a working hearing loop, says Johan, who has a hearing loss and uses hearing aids.