The company AB Transistor has a long and exciting history that stretches back to 1953. Over the years, the company's core areas have been hearing products, communication systems and power supply equipment. Hearing products have reached almost every corner of the world.

AB Transistor has been a pioneer within technologies such as hearing aids, hearing loops, alerting system and FM systems. The company has set the standard for new achievements within the business by innovation and close cooperation with hearing healthcare and audiology.

The company was the Royal supplier for several decades, something that was already initiated during the days of Gustav VI Adolf. A large number of products have been delivered to the Swedish defense such as power supply equipment, charging equipment, regulators, DC voltage converters, communication systems, wire and radio connections. Wireless microphone systems for teaching the hearing impaired have been supplied in large volumes for several decades. The systems have also for a long time been used as guidance aids in industries, companies and museums. Here is a summary of some important milestones:

1953 in early summer, AB Transistor is founded by Erik Berggren and Lennart Grundberg.
1953 - AB Transistor makes its first amplifier and sound column installation in a church.
1954 - The fully transistorized body-worn hearing aid Transett 20 was completed.
1954 - The first version of the Teletransett hearing aid is launched.
1955 - The first hearing loop is installed in a cinema in Stockholm. This first installation is done at Grand and is directly followed by Röda Kvarn on Biblioteksgatan.
1955 - The first group amplifier installations for school use were made in Tingvallaskolan in Karlstad and in Nordhemsskolan in Gothenburg.
1956 - Comes the first head-worn hearing aid, which is called the Transett 600. This device is the first "behind-the-ear device" manufactured in Europe.
1956 - AB Transistor moves from Stureplan 19 to Svarvargatan 11 on Kungsholmen.
1963 - AB Transistor becomes general agent for Danavox hearing aids.
1963 - Major deal was made with the Swedish defense forces. TRO 11 (Converter 102) to enable 24 volt supply of radio equipment in military vehicles is procured.
1967 - Transistor receives a world patent for parking machines with tickets. The first customer of the company, which is called Ticfak, will be the city of Stockholm, and then Paris, the rest of Europe, Singapore and many others.
1967 - The final delivery of combat and fire control stands for Pbv 301 and Pbv 302 to the Swedish defense is carried out.
1967 - AB Transistor launches a group amplifier system (school system) called the THK 11.
1972 - The wireless communication system Transett 701 is launched, primarily intended for school use.
1975 - The Transett 702 wireless multi-channel communication system is launched.
1977 - Danavox is bought by GN Store Nord.
1980 - The Transett 800 notification system is launched.
1981 - The Transett 300 loop amplifier is launched.
1983 - The complete, portable and tactile awareness system Transett 83 is launched.
1984 - Ticfak is sold to the Wallenberg group.
1986 - The Transett 30 loop amplifier is launched.
1987 - The bestseller Ring indicator RP2 is launched.
1987 - The product Transett Konferens was launched.
1987 - The Transett Mini is launched, a small loop amplifier intended for TV and radio.
1988 - AB Transistor delivered sound solutions to 3,000 churches in Sweden.
1990 - The Transett Favorit call amplifier enters the market.
1993 - The new Transett 904 wireless communication system is launched.
1995 - The school system and "all in one solution" Transett Pedagogue III is launched.
1997 - The current model of the Teletransett hearing aid entered the market.
1999 - Tactum is launched, a portable FM receiver and notification product in the form of a watch.
1999 - AB Transistor is sold to the Danish group GN Store Nord. The name of the company changes to GN Transistor AB and at the same time becomes organizationally part of GN Netcom.
2001 - The mobile phone product T-hook is launched.
2003 - The GN 6110-TC, a telephone aid based on bluetooth technology, is launched.
2003 - GN ReSound takes over the hearing technology division from GN Transistor AB. The name changes from GN Transistor AB to GN ReSound ALD Division.
2005 - Lynx MiniVib is launched, a development of the awareness product Tactum.
2006 - AutoMini is launched, an autoscart and loop amplifier for TV use.
2008 - ReSound modeX is launched, a school system built around individual wireless microphones. Already in the fall of the previous year, GN ReSound wins the "Golden microphone" award for best school system.
2012 - AB Transistor is resurrected by the business being sold from GN (Great Nordic) and transferred to Swedish ownership.
2013 - AB Transistor wins the Swedish Audiological Society's "Gold Microphone" award for the most innovative hearing technology product - Lynx Mobile - awareness for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.
2014 - Transistor launches the patented active loop sign T-SIGN.
2016 - Transistor launches the mobile-based communication aid T-TALK.
2017 - earstore.se and Bra Hörsel are acquired from Starkey Sweden AB and become part of the Transistor group.
2017 - Transistor launches hearing technology supported by artificial intelligence with an updated version of T-TALK that can transcribe automatically what people say.
2018 - A new version of earstore.se is launched with a full range in hearing and more services to help people hear better.
2019 - Transistor wins the PTS "conversational interface for all" innovation competition to develop the next generation hearing aid for people with hearing loss.
2021 - Transistor and earstore.se will be the first in Sweden to offer hearing aids via private remote testing
2022 - T-SIGN wins the international award for the hearing technology innovation of the year by HHTM Innovator Awards.
2023 - Strengthened efforts to start global distribution of high quality hearing solutions from Transistor.

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Transistor old article
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